Tottenville Library Show 2011

Recital 2011


Dancing Shoes

You can order shoes from Fay's Irish Dancing Shoes in Yonkers.

Ordering Instructions:
Irish dance shoes are made in Ireland and are usually two sizes smaller than American footwear. Just to be on the safe side, follow these instructions to ensure the proper fit.

Call Fay's and tell them that you would like to place an order. Give credit card information over the phone, or get a dollar amount so that you can make out a check.

Make a tracing of the dancer's foot, and write the dancer's name and American street shoe size on the tracing.

Send it to Fay's (along with check if applicable) by mail. A fax will not be accurate.
For soft shoes: order Platinum Suede Soles, $42
For hard shoes: order Fay's Original Flexi, $120

What NOT to wear to class:

What to wear to class:

Child dancers must wear a leotard with black tights and a pull-on dance skirt or capri leggings. Here are some suggestions:

Discount Dance Supply

Bloch short-sleeve leotard in black or royal blue
Child item number: CL5402 $11.75
Adult Item number: L5402 $15.50

Body Wrappers skirt in BLACK
Child item number: 0117 $14.95
Adult item number: 0217 $15.95

Supreme soft tights in BLACK
Child sizes: C30
Adult sizes: A30

Any black tights will be fine for class, but I suggest these because they are super soft and wear well after washing. Dancers may wear cardigan sweaters for warm-up. Long hair must be neatly tied back in a pony tail.

If you have any questions about shoes or dance attire, please inquire at class.

To parents of children under 10:

Our classes are always fun for children, but we take our dancing seriously. Our school is committed to creating excellence in steps and form. Therefore, we expect children to be respectful, attired properly, and well focused on the lessons. Excessive talking or silliness, running, or being distracting in any way is not appropriate during class. This a dance studio, not a playground. We give gentle reminders when necessary, but we ask that the parent talk this over with their child at home.

We have a comfortable waiting area for parents and caregivers that you are most welcome to use while class is going on. However, we ask that cell phone use be done outside, as to not distract the class. Younger siblings must be quietly occupied in the waiting area. Children feel self conscious while being watched during lessons, so please wait in our waiting area!

Please ask one of the teachers to show you how to properly tie Irish dance shoes so that your child is ready to go when class starts.

Send your dancer with a bottle of water only. No other drinks or messy snacks are allowed in the studio or waiting area.